D2C vs Traditional

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) is an E Commerce business strategy, where brands take the product directly to the end-users without the interference of other middlemen. This is done via channels like online brand stores and E Commerce presence. Besides these, businesses have been investing in the promotion of products and sales, through social media platforms.

How D2C market is different from Traditional Retail?

1.Impact on relationship with customer

The D2C Model tie the relationship directly with the customer. It removes all the middlemen from picture to Build the trust with customer. Whereas, In traditional retail it is difficult for brands to build a relation because of the increase in rates.

2.Control over branding

The D2C business model has control over the branding up mark because communication is directly made. While ,In traditional model it has various modes of communication between the manufacturer and consumer.

3.Utilization of digital space

The D2C business model has a depend on the digital traffic in order to make sales and profits. Whereas, In traditional model it may depend or may not depend on digital advertising because sales happen through retail.


D2C wave in India picked up around 2020 when the pandemic-induced lockdowns brought the entire offline demand to a screeching halt. More than 800 new-age brands from India have circumvented the middlemen in the past few years and have taken the Direct-To-Consumer (D2C) route. Popular beauty brands took around 20 years to reach INR 100Cr revenue mark, while new-age brands took 4-8 years

Few Case Studies:

How mama earth takes place in D2C ?

It pick up the trend and with power, efforts during the lockdown phase worked under the manufacturer and logistics company to make sure thing run on the track. The company has been working with social platform and influencer to spread the awareness about their brand. some campaign were spread awareness not your fear to strengthen up the brand. Main motto was to use the chemical free products from vitamin c to Bhring amla

Financial goal is to reach 1000 cr. by 2023

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