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E-PoDs for ESG Future

Top CXOs Views on E-Pods for #Logistics Companies covered in #EconomicTimes by #TimesInternet. (Page 4, Mumbai Edition, Sunday 8 January 2023)

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@SanjeevJain Managing Partner, #AmicusGrowthAdvisors (Also former CFO FedEx, Gati & AFL) shares his view,

“Ten to 12 Years ago, Paper PoDs used to be a big nuisance for companies not only in terms of the number to be handled but also in terms of the logistics involved”

@PirojshawSarkari CEO, #Gati Limited shares his view,

“We divide our customers into large, SME & Retail. As far as large customers are concerned, 80 – 85 % are now accepting e-PoDs”

“A single docket has four copies and each copy costs us about 40 Paise. Imagine the cost for a large company like gati, which ships dockets in millions”

“Say, you have delivered 1000 shipments for a customer in a month and have 900 PoDs. Your have to wait for remaining 100 PoDs to submit your bills to the customer”

“With an e-PoD, we can tell the customer the latitude and longitude where it was signed. Checking electronic PoDs is also much simpler for customer because they can put crawlers on their system to trace the PoD instead of having people to do it”

@VikasPawar Managing Partner, #Amicus Growth Advisors (Also former COO #Gati) shares his view on statement: Many Small Companies avoid e-PoDs because at the end of the day, payments to logistics companies are account payable. So, they try to delay payments as long as they can.

“This is a Short-sighted View. The Long-term view is to let players survive and let them give you consistent service”

E-Pods definitely opens up opportunity for company management to fast track their ESG efforts.

If you are a running a large Organization, you should definitely once connect with Sanjeev Jain & Vikas Pawar on as they are offering a Free First Consultation to understand how you can channelize your efforts for growth with best industry practices.

Economic Times is one of the best Business & Finance focused newspaper in India.

Thanks to @Taslima Khan & ET Team for the Coverage.

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Electronic POD
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