India to become the world leader in financial markets in 25 years?

In 25 years, India could overtake the United States as the world's financial market leader.

While the government has set some ambitious goals for the next two decades, the financial sector, as a component of capital markets, will be crucial in achieving them.

The market landscape has changed significantly over the last decade with technology playing an increasingly important role in Indian markets. Furthermore, innovation has assisted half-way diaries in expanding their product offering and reaching out to new investors in remote areas of the country.

The stage is set for an exciting period of market growth and expansion. By 2047, India will be a global leader in financial markets. We must step up our efforts and move in lockstep with sync with global developments to realize this ambition. There should be a strategy to develop the markets and increase participation. Further, should have ease of access to risk capital for new projects, development, and expansion.

Few important areas that require our immediate attention.

1. Investment in technology infrastructure

2. Investment in human resources

3. Product innovation

4. Awareness and financial literacy

We can conclude that In order to achieve the goal decided by government’s 2047 road map, the market regulatory aspect will have a crucial role to play. Regulatory infrastructure should be visualize with the proposed changes and should incorporate the increased volume in its framework.

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