India's direct transfer system is a logistics marvel : lMF Paola Mauro

When asked about the government's successful implementation, India's case is very impressive given the country's enormous size said Paolo Mauro, deputy director general of the Ministry of Finance.

Overall, large programmes are targeted to benefit millions of Indians. Efforts to fight malnutrition specifically target women, the elderly, and farmers, which is an incredible marvel of logistics in a country where the bulk of the poorer people are rural.

In many aspects, some things have not changed much as civilization's vast reach has undergone significant technological progress. In the Eurozone, mobile banking is becoming prevalent.

The use of electronic transfers to those in the lower income group who own mobile phone has been present in a number of other economies.

What IMF’S Paolo Mauro said about debt scheme :

1. There is a lot of technological innovation.

2. It is a logistical nightmare trying to work out how these multi-million programme reach so many constituents.

3. These 3 programmes specifically target women, the elderly and farmers.

4. Identifying who with some budget is the best methodology for social programmes is something other countries can learn from India.


Source by: Economic Times

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