Objectives of Logistic

Objectives of Logistic information system!!!

· It guarantees that logistical activities are integrated into a process that seeks to satisfy customers at the lowest possible cost.

·The planning and management of the logistical activities involved in or fulfillment are made easier by information systems.

·By making better tactical and strategic decisions for the benefit of the company and its customers, it increases the firm's competitiveness.

· aids in promoting customer service by assisting in informing customers about product availability, order status, and delivery timetables.

· Facilitating requirements planning, it lowers the need for inventories and human resources.

It connects to manufacturing, financial, and marketing information systems and gives top management data to aid in making strategic decisions for the entire company.

· Forecasting is no longer necessary because of the quick responsiveness to demand made possible by the use of information technology in information systems. This has also aided in putting "pull" systems like just-in-time into place, increasing the firm's competitiveness.

· It encourages the use of technologies that connect a company's internal processes, such as manufacturing and distribution, with those of its suppliers and customers.

· In some cases, organizations are finding they can manage dispersed inventories as if they were single inventories. This is the concept of 'virtual' inventory management or electronic inventory management.

· If inventory management is centralized and decisions on replenishment and other quantities are taken or the basis that is a single stock, then only one safety stock is required.


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