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Shiprocket partners with Invest India to build D2C 2.0

Startup India Initiative at Invest India, the guiding vision maker for India's entrepreneurship ecosystem, has partnered with Shiprocket, India's latest unicorn, and leading e-commerce enabler, to build D2C 2.0 together, backing the next generation of consumer products built by founders from across the country. Shiprocket will be offering ₹1 lakh in cash grants to each of the shortlisted startups, in addition to the ₹50,000 provided in shipping credits on an immediate basis and provide an opportunity to get investments up to ₹50 lakh from Shiprocket and its fund partners.

Shiprocket will support the D2C startups with top-tier privileges for logistics and e-commerce services, providing shipping credits that can be used on its platform. Shiprocket can further propel the growth of early-stage D2C and e-commerce startups across the length and breadth of all emerging markets in India.

As we move towards Atmanirbhar Bharat, it becomes imperative to ensure that India builds on these strengths, and this challenge will help D2C founders to distribute their impactful products in more and more households across the country.

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