Taking Stock of Domestic Logistics Competitiveness: LEADS 2021 report

Taking the cue from the established management maxim “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”, the Commerce Ministry and the Indian Government has pragmatically captured the essence of logistics competitiveness in the country through the recently published “LEADS 2021” report. Along with the guidance of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, Department of Logistics, and leading Big-four firm, this is the third such report and the current version remains significantly improved from the previous versions.

LEADS 2021 is an excellent tool for granular level analysis of the entire logistics ecosystem and assessing the actual impact of the policies implemented by the Government of India. The report also promotes a logistics and supply chain mindset across states/UTs in order to unlock constructive competition among states, through a structured index mechanism. The overall index is based on 21 indicators including 17 perception indicators and 4 objective indicators. LEADS 2021 index considering every aspect of the logistics ecosystem and the current ratings place Gujarat, Haryana, and Punjab as the top-performing states. The report also shows a detailed analysis of the performance of states and UTs including the challenges faced by the stakeholders as well as the suggestions to mitigate the issues.

In the context of post-pandemic adjustments in global logistics, we at Amicus Growth Advisors believe that such progressive initiatives and thoughtful leadership will go a long way in improving the overall logistics ecosystem in the country.

You can find the entire report here:

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