Women are Empowering Indian Logistics Industry

Barrier no more! Women are Empowering Indian Logistics Industry!!

·The first image that springs to mind when one thinks of the logistics division or the warehousing industry is of masculine truck drivers or labourers hauling large items.

· It isn't shocking because the vast majority of people don't believe that women contribute significantly to a field that is predominately male.

· The analysis of women's role in the male-dominated logistics sector remains uni-dimensional.

· However, the focus on diversity and inclusion in the last few decades has borne fruit with women being identified as potent talent.

·Women are breaking the proverbial glass ceiling and finding themselves playing an important role in areas which were hitherto considered.

·In India, in 2010, women formed only eight per cent of the logistics workforce which has steadily increased to 20 per cent in 2018.

·Considering the focus and efforts that is being put in across the sector, we are now witnessing women taking up leadership roles at the senior and mid-management level.

De-genderisation of roles has had a significant role to play in ensuring the inclusion of women from a policy perspective.

· With women flying fighter aircraft in combat roles, a sky of opportunities has now opened up across sectors.

· Women can now handle picking and sorting tasks independently and have developed agility to work across multiple roles.

· The supply chain profession continues to be described as moving, packing and lifting.

· However, the opportunities available are unlimited with the industry today can attract more women.

· Women joining the logistics industry need to know that it is a service skill set are required to grow in their career.

Many companies have taken positive steps by introducing a safe and women-oriented culture as well as work–life balance initiatives.

· Mahindra Logistics has introduced a second career programme, christened Udaan, which is an opportunity for women who have taken a career break due to personal reasons.

More companies need to make a concerted effort at hiring women in roles traditionally reserved for men.

· Companies need to encourage and promote capable women to leadership roles and create role models.

·Training and career enhancement programmes, specifically for women, also need to be held on a regular basis.


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